Watch Wellness

According to a recent CDC study more people, in certain situations, are washing their hands in 2020. This is not breaking news to me. Overall washing your hands more is a good thing. It is good for your health and good for the health of the people around you. Now more than ever, twenty seconds spent washing up is time well spent. Thanks to my son Charlie who had the latest software update on his Apple Watch, I was inspired to get the update on my watch that adds a hand washing count down timer to the apps. You get an automatic 20-count on the watch screen while washing your hands. How can something so simple be so amazing to me. At first I thought this was crazy, I don’t need my watch to be the boss of me. But every time that little super computer on my wrist gives me something new for health and wellness I seem to embrace it. I have checked my pulse periodically. My watch cared if I had fallen. I didn’t fall (my version, I just tripped in a garden bed). I usually get gentle reminders when to stand, walk more steps, breathe and now wash my hands. However, this morning I got a message that sort of called me a slacker for only getting 7235 steps in my day yesterday. I chuckled. High tech can either be adopted or ignored. I slid gently onto the adopt side of the list. I am glad I did. My hands are cleaner for it.