Give Away Your Time.

Every time I walk through downtown Northville in Michigan I look up at the clock on Main Street. I may be wearing a watch and carrying a smart phone in my pocket but I still look at that clock. And as I stroll, I often think about how time is a precious asset because I am usually sharing it with a family member or a friend. It is great to be in the moment with our family and friends, but how can we help the larger world with our time? You may do your share already. You may give money to causes and groups that matter to you. But the question remains, how can we help with another form of capital, our time. I know it is a big question. And often we can get stuck trying to figure out the “how”. How can we help, how can we get started and how do we align with a group or cause that motivates us. The internet and the crowdsourcing concept have made the world smaller and easier than ever to get started. It is time to jump.
Maybe you are looking to volunteer in your own backyard. Maybe you are an executive who could touch a young person’s life half a world away with a bit of career advice. Have you heard of Career Village? They connect young people from around the world who are looking for some help with career goals and even advice on their path in life. You could do this from your laptop at work or your handheld device over coffee. Your journey can hep someone else on their own journey.
How about connecting with social change organizations who need the help of somebody like you or me?
These groups are mission driven. As they launch or grow they often need some seasoned advice and direction. It is a pro bono service but your impact could touch the lives of countless others.
Are you thinking that you may just want to help in your neighborhood? Maybe we could help with a blood drive, work with a senior or tend to a community garden that serves those in need. Again, technology has leveled the playing field and we can find volunteer opportunities galore. Everyone should have a chance to make a difference, and this may be your time.
So how do we get started doing good things? We have to begin. You can’t start something if you don’t begin. There is a book I read not too long ago. It is entitled, Jump, by Steve Harvey. The book is an outgrowth of an off the cuff riff Harvey made while he was taping Family Feud (you can find it on the web). Steve rightly suggests in the video and in the book that life is an incredible journey and often we can’t just wait around and do nothing. There are times we need to live an abundant life and jump in the deep end. So, I encourage you to lean into something, take a leap of faith and just go. I promise that I will jump too. Are you up to the challenge?