Advisors: Move Your Clients From Saving Money To A Life of Meaning.

Many times in the past year I have been fortunate to serve as a keynote speaker to financial planning groups. This has taken various forms. I have helped planners, advisors and their teams understand the makeup and changing values of those who are 50-years and older. But mostly I have spoken to clients of planners who are looking to energize the people they serve. My role has been and can cheerfully be one of motivator. I don’t sell financial products and don’t expect to do so. I do however understand enough to create a custom keynote filled with encouragement that fits your specific needs. I hope I have been able to serve as a recognizable face that people trust and bring a story of reinvention in life. So many clients wake up and start to wonder about their “second half” of life. If you are a financial advisor, I know you have heard the questions and even asked a few. What about the creating a sound financial plan? What about a family legacy? And how can the entire family be involved in the planning process, even if the questions revolve around giving money away to causes that matter in life? This is a critical time for a trusted advisor to bond with their client or prospective client. Often the evening can be one of friendly connection between your staff and a group of clients. It can center on messages from you and me that are encouraging, motivational and informational. If I can serve your group or conference as a keynote speaker let’s connect. There is no group too large or small. I have limited availability for 2018 but I am now booking now into 2019. Feel free to contact me through my website or call Gabry Faraj at 313-565-8888 x 152.