Meet Chuck

Life long learner: It is never too late to be what God wanted us to be. Chuck started out pursuing medicine at Loyola University, Chicago. Life changes, and now his life is moving full circle as he helps others find joy, wellness and good health. While working in fulltime TV and radio Chuck started his own communications company and still found time to go back for a masters degree at age 50. Along with various degrees, Chuck also holds a certificate in “Second Half Significance” from Pepperdine University and the Halftime Institute. He looks to inform, inspire, encourage and lead people to a life journey of wellness. Chuck believes we are all forever in transition no matter our age and have to be ready to adjust along the way.

Communicator: Chuck spent his entire professional career taking complicated scientific information and making easy to understand. He continues on that journey as he makes the best health and wellness principals understandable. Many know Chuck from his local radio and television work in Detroit or at the national level for various networks.

As a communicator, he has multiple Emmy awards and was awarded the prestigious Silver Circle Award for broadcast excellence. He is one of the most trusted figures in Michigan. Chuck is now a frequent keynote speaker, podcast host and spokesperson who looks to inspire people to a long life of wellness.

Chuck’s Adventures in Life Include
  • Penetrating the eye of Hurricane Diana in NOAA aircraft
  • Becoming scuba certified
  • Receiving a private pilot’s license
  • Becoming an instrument rated pilot for high tech aircraft
  • Flying in and piloting a B-17 bomber over Michigan
  • Flying with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels
  • Traveling on a 10-day expedition to the rainforest of Peru with Dr. Bob Ballard who discovered the Titanic
  • Participating in 10-day expedition to top of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii with Dr. Bob Ballard
  • Chasing storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas
  • Living and studying for 1-month in Israel and Jordan
  • Swimming with lemon sharks in an enclosed tank
  • Witnessing up close a water spout on the Caribbean Sea
  • Leading trips to the Holy Land

Do Good

Don’t let self doubt or the world creep in and tell you that you can’t do something. You can change the world.

The links listed below represent various charitable organizations that I have experience with over time. I have seen first hand tireless, serving hearts accomplish such great things.

Let’s do good things.

Back the idea that no senior should ever go hungry.

Meals on Wheels Western Oakland and Livingston County

Serve those in need with food, life skills and more.

Dream Center of Pontiac

Help dreams come true for foster youth in Michigan.

The House of Providence

Don’t just hope for a cure, help us find one.

Alzheimer’s Association

Support professional, non-profit theatre in southeast Michigan.

Tipping Point Theatre

Support a national non-profit in our backyard providing information and research for autoimmune diseases.

The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association

Serve those who serve us with a welcoming place of respite for traveling military, veterans and their families.

Freedom Centers, Detroit Metro Airport

Help do the most good in southeast Michigan.

The Salvation Army