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Chuck serves as host of the Healthier Michigan Podcast. Each episode is dedicated to how we can improve our health and well being through small healthy habits we can start implementing right now.

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  • Fall For Farmers Markets

    Farmers markets are gems in our local communities. They give us access to better quality food and the opportunity to broaden our palate. On this episode of A Healthier Michigan Podcast, we share tips on how to get the most out of your next farmers......

  • Kick The Habit.

    Let’s kick the processed food habit. We think processed food=bad. Most of these foods are convenient too. But did you know not all processed foods are bad for us. On this episode of A Healthier Michigan Podcast, we discuss the spectrum of processed food, what’s......

  • Time For An Oil Change?

    We use olive oil a bunch when cooking. I wouldn’t call it a rut but it became our good, healthy go to choice. Then my eyes were opened when we tried a few new recipes that included sesame oil among others. It may be time......


Meet Chuck

Thought Leader

Chuck has become a thought leader on an aging population often in need of rewiring not retiring. From those in the gig economy to those looking for a better “second half” of life, Chuck relates as he is living the journey himself. Chuck’s certificate in Second Half Significance helps him bring relatable advice and inspire change.


Chuck’s many adventures often form a base for his talks. Chuck believes life is an adventure whether on the ground, in the air or under water. He has flown with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, flown through the eye of a hurricane, chased tornadoes and been on expeditions to the top of Mt. Kilauea and to the Amazon rainforest of Peru.
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Chuck is committed to creating custom messages that tell a story, motivate and involve a crowd. His warmth, charisma and humor relate to any audience from large corporate gatherings, financial planning clients to non-profits. His love of adventure, life long learning and infectious spirit can inform as well as motivate.


As an Emmy award winning communicator, Chuck has spent most of his life taking complicated matters and made them easy to understand. Chuck continues on the air in broadcast and social media with a daily radio feature called Journey Strong, hosting a podcast on health and wellness, TV appearances and more.
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Servant Leader

Chuck has a shepherd’s heart. He’s been blessed to help found a non-profit professional theatre, create a baby boomer conference and lead a team that created a prayer walk in Detroit that attracted twenty five thousand people. While “big” events are great, Chuck enjoys the front lines of serving others one on one the most.


Chuck can inspire an audience to believe they are destined for significance. From young people to boomers, everybody has a life journey. Chuck’s heartfelt story, humor and ability to energize a group will connect with everybody. Chuck is a student of leadership and understands that great leaders create vision and inspire others to engage with that vision.


Journey Strong encourages anybody to reinvent his or her life at any age to find real joy. We look for positive ways to build on Foundations of Fitness in key areas of life. We should connect with God and others around us for strength and encouragement. We support continued discovery of our gifts, strengths, use of treasure and time affluence. We encourage quiet time as well as a sense of adventure. At every turn we look to do good things in the world we explore.


Be a Force for Good

One of my missions in life is to be a force for good. Join me! Don’t let self doubt or the world creep in and tell you that you can’t do something. You can change the world. Do good.

A Most Inspiring Speaker

Chuck has spoken to thousands of people in person and reached millions on-air with his wit, knowledge, and love of motivating. As a keynote speaker, he brings his passion and experience along with a real desire to teach audiences how to move from inspiration to action.

Whatever your industry, Chuck provides keynotes for corporate events and association meetings that are entertaining, engaging and energizing. He is known for his appeal to a wide variety of audiences. His relatable approach makes him a favorite with clients who are looking for thought-provoking, educational material that will resonate for years to come.

Let's Do This
“Chuck Gaidica ranks among the very finest of national leaders, consultants, and speakers; a truly motivating professional and audiences love him!”
John Hale-Owner

Corporate Travel Service

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